About Us

Straight and Narrow Striping is a faith based business founded on the principles of quality work, good relationships, fairness, and doing what we say we will. This tradition has existed in our family for over 100 years. From running herds of cattle on the Osage Hills, being Osage Chiefs, heading construction jobs all over the country, law enforcement and military, welding, to asphalt work today- a legacy of hard work, honor, and quality work are in every footstep of our work. Our family has and continues to operate over a wide range of opportunities, and asphalt is one we are passionate about. Our owner- Austin Brice became an entrepreneur at 10 years old, cutting and selling trees. Since then, he has started 3 other businesses including a Corn Xpress, Power Washing, and Now Asphalt, all of which are still in successful operation today. He is also a cattle rancher and teaches youth at his church. He has a history of hard work and "finding a way". He went to Wonderview High School, UACCM, and UCA. We have never been afraid of changing and advancing, and that is something we do every day at SNS. And we're proud of it. We have personally designed and fabricated several tools and pieces of equipment to use for asphalt work to "up" our game. Our company prides itself in every gallon sprayed, every line marked, and every pound of asphalt we lay. We are always excited to meet new people and create new relationships- we hope to hear from you soon!

We have a professional team of asphalt maintenance experts that will exceed your expectations.