Asphalt Repair

Asphalt Repair

Asphalt paving is a resilient material. However, parking lots, driveways, loading docks and other surfaces still require the occasional asphalt repair service. When your asphalt surfaces need attention, you can turn to the experts at Straight and Narrow Striping. We’re a seasoned asphalt repair Little Rock company based in Hattieville that proudly serves property owners in Little Rock, Conway, Morrilton, Russellville and the surrounding areas.

We know asphalt and are more than capable of tackling all your asphalt repair needs.

What Types of Damage Can Asphalt Repair Contractors Fix?

It doesn’t matter how well-built your pavement is. It’s not immune to damage! Everyday wear and never-ending exposure take their toll.

Asphalt can experience various forms of damage. Some of the most common that require asphalt repair in Morrilton include:

Cracks: Cracks can form in many ways. Sometimes, they’re a byproduct of normal settling. However, these voids can also form when structural integrity issues occur.

Alligator Cracking: Alligator cracks are a series of small cracks that create a texture similar to reptile skin. They are often a result of excessive loan and foundation issues.

Rutting: Rutting refers to longitudinal depressions that happen over time due to excessive wear.

Raveling: Raveling happens when the surface of your asphalt begins to disintegrate. Small aggregate chunks can break off, creating a rough and uneven texture.

Birdbaths: Asphalt birdbaths are low depressions that collect water. They’re a result of foundation issues.

Upheaval: Upheavals occur when the subgrade material swells. It requires asphalt repair in Morrilton because the pavement buckles.

Potholes: There are many possible causes for potholes. No matter the root cause, potholes require asphalt repair in Conway due to the damage they can cause to vehicles.

Why is Investing in Repair Necessary?

Asphalt repair in Little Rock AR is not something you should ignore. When damage to your asphalt occurs, it’s only a matter of time before it worsens. Whether you’re dealing with potholes or large cracks, that damage gives water easy access to the lower layer of your asphalt.

It’s not long until water penetration results in foundation damage and even bigger headaches. Asphalt repairs are much more affordable than pricey reclamation or reconstruction projects. Think of asphalt repairs as an investment in your pavement’s long-term health and stability.

Working with asphalt repair contractors can also make your property safer. Damage poses a greater risk to personal safety. People can trip and injure themselves. Some asphalt issues can even damage vehicles. You’d be liable for all of it! Getting asphalt repair in Conway is the easiest way to avoid those headaches.

Furthermore, repair work improves your property’s curb appeal. Your asphalt paving is often the first thing people see when they drive by your business. Think of what a parking lot that needs asphalt repair in Little Rock AR says about a business! It’s not the greatest first impression and could harm your reputation.

Asphalt repair in Morrilton and beyond is the best way to keep your property safe while looking presentable and professional.

Why Should I Hire an Asphalt Repair Company Instead of Doing Repairs Myself?

Some property owners and managers assume they can handle repairs themselves. While there’s no shortage of DIY maintenance products you can buy, it’s better to stick with professional service.

Experienced asphalt repair contractors understand the complexities of asphalt pavement. They can do high-quality work that lasts. Plus, companies have the equipment to work efficiently, minimizing downtime and disruptions.

What Asphalt Repair Methods Do Professionals Use?

When you hire professionals to do asphalt repair in Little Rock AR, they’ll employ various techniques to address your unique needs. After a thorough inspection, they can determine the best approach. Some of the most commonly used methods for asphalt repair in Conway include skin patching, partial patches and full-depth patches.

Skin patches are ideal when the damage is light. Your asphalt repair company will likely choose this approach when the issue only affects the first few inches of your pavement’s surface.

If the damage is more extensive, contractors might employ partial patches. Doing partial patches requires teams to remove a small section of asphalt. As the name implies, the section doesn’t go deep enough to expose the base layer. The foundation remains intact, allowing contractors to rebuild the removed section.

Full-depth patches go down to the foundation. It’s the go-to method for serious damage. Because it involves removing asphalt down to the foundation, teams can rebuild sections and provide a permanent repair.

Why Should I Choose Straight and Narrow Striping for Asphalt Repairs?

Straight and Narrow Striping is ready to perform any and all repairs you need! We serve property owners in Little Rock, Arkansas and the surrounding communities, including Russellville, Morrilton, Conway and more.

We work hard to exceed your expectations. No matter how extensive repair work might seem, we’ll provide the top-notch service you deserve. We aim to set high standards and deliver results that benefit your property and business!

In addition to asphalt repair, you can turn to us for asphalt sealcoating, crackfilling, power washing, surface cleaning and parking lot striping.

Contact Straight and Narrow Striping today for a free quote and discuss your needs. You can reach us by completing our online form. If you prefer, you can also call us at (501)-208-6399 or send an email to