How to FInd The Best Parking Lot Striping Company In Little RockHow to Find The Best Parking Lot Striping Company In Little Rock!

Striping in Pulaski County can make or break a commercial property! Parking lots are the first things patrons see and interact with when visiting a business. Poorly maintained lots with barely visible stripes don’t make a great first impression. Even worse, a lack of stripes can also make your lot disorderly, unsafe and not code-compliant. Fortunately, the best parking lot striping contractors can alleviate those worries and breathe new life into your property.

But how do you find the best parking lot striping company to handle the job?

What Should I Look For When Finding A Parking Lot Striping Company?

Before contacting companies regarding Little Rock lot striping, do your due diligence. Many people think they can handle lot striping projects, but only reputable companies will have the expertise, equipment and products to do a great job. Start your search by researching lot striping companies.

Read reviews, check out websites to see examples of past striping work, learn more about the company’s experience and pay close attention to details like licensing, insurance, etc. Beginning your search for parking lot striping contractors in this way will help you quickly narrow down your options.

Does Code Compliance Matter for Parking Lot Striping?

Code compliance is vital. Parking lot striping paint isn’t just an aesthetic detail. It impacts safety and accessibility. Codes will vary by jurisdiction, and you must follow several federal regulations.

One example is ADA-compliant markings. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) states that you must have a specific number of accessible spots based on the size of your lot. Special markings, signage and access lanes are also important.

Locally, you’ll also need to comply with safety codes that could dictate details like pedestrian crossing zones, fire lanes, etc. Always ask parking lot striping companies about ADA and local code compliance. The best contractors will understand what your property needs, helping you modify your lot’s layout and comply with all applicable rules.

How Do I Compare Parking Lot Striping Costs?

Total parking lot striping costs will vary depending on the size of your pavement, the amount of striping you need and the type of parking lot striping paint you use. What’s important is that striping companies are upfront and transparent about pricing. When discussing your needs, a good contractor will consider all factors to develop a highly accurate quote.

Consider it a red flag if you see outliers or estimates that are too far off from what other contractors give you. Don’t hesitate to ask for more specifics concerning the overall parking lot striping cost. Reputable companies will have no problem helping you learn more about the costs involved.

What Products and Equipment Do Lot Striping Companies Use?

Another way to ensure you’re working with a Little Rock lot striping professional is to inquire about the products and equipment teams use to complete projects. Spray paint you can get at a local home improvement store won’t cut it. Parking lot striping contractors use premium paint formulas with high visibility and durability. Most will offer options in several price ranges, including affordable solvent-based parking lot striping paints or more resilient thermoplastic and MMA paints.

Application equipment matters, too. Higher-quality equipment allows teams to finish projects faster, and it ensures better accuracy and line crispness.

Is Hiring Professionals for Striping in Pulaski County Even Necessary?

Don’t make the mistake of attempting to DIY parking lot striping. These projects look simple, but they require more expertise to do right than most realize. The key to long-lasting striping is proper surface preparation, high-quality paint formulas, correct application and adequate curing.

Professionals can handle all those logistics for you. The best contractors know what they’re doing, ensuring top-notch results that last.

Let Straight and Narrow Striping help you breathe new life into your parking lot! Our faith-based business is committed to providing our clients with impressive results, reliable customer service, and honest communications. In addition to lot striping, our team is well-equipped to do crack filling, sealcoating, asphalt repairs, power washing and surface cleaning.

When you need the best striping in Pulaski County, call Straight and Narrow Striping! Reach out for a free Little Rock lot striping quote today. You can use our online contact form, email or call us at (501)208-6399.