Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt Sealcoating

Asphalt sealcoating Little Rock is a service that can take your commercial property’s curb appeal, safety, presentation and longevity to new heights! Straight and Narrow Striping is proud to be one of the most trusted asphalt sealcoating contractors in the Little Rock area. We’re based in Hattieville and serve property owners throughout Little Rock, Russellville, Morrilton and Conway.

Here’s what you need to know about sealcoating?

What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

Sealcoating is a critical part of asphalt maintenance. Despite how tough asphalt is, it’s not damage-proof. Over time, regular wear and exposure to the elements can lead to premature damage and deterioration. You want your investment to last, right? Getting asphalt sealcoating in Conway, Little Rock and beyond is how you do it!

An independent study, by the Pavement Coatings Technology Center at the University of Nevada at Reno, shows conclusive evidence that maintaining your asphalt with sealcoat every 3 years saves an average of $15.25 per square yard or $152,500 for an average 10,000 square yard commercial parking lot over 15 years. This equates to a 48% savings over the cost of an unmaintained parking lot. With unstable oil prices, these savings are often even higher. The cost of sealcoating is a minor expense, compared to the cost of pavement replacement after years of neglect.

When you hire asphalt sealcoating contractors, you’ll get a thin coat of specialized sealer over every inch of your pavement. Whether that’s a small commercial driveway, an expansive parking lot or a frequently used loading dock, professionals will apply sealer to all of it. Once the sealer cures, you get years of protection and a like-new look to benefit your business.

Why is Sealcoating Necessary for My Property?

The purpose of asphalt sealcoating is to provide ongoing protection. Constant exposure to UV light from the sun can wear down your asphalt. Binders can oxidize, surfaces lose color and your pavement becomes brittle enough for cracks to form. Those cracks become an entry point for water, and deterioration can hasten. Before long, small hairline cracks become wide cracks, potholes and other costly repair issues.

Sealcoating is like applying a protective barrier over your asphalt. When asphalt sealcoating contractors apply the sealer, it seals small cracks to provide a smooth finish. More importantly, that sealer is a strong line of defense against the sun, rain, oil spills, chemical damage, etc.

With regular asphalt sealcoating, your pavement can easily last decades and make your maintenance duties far more manageable.

How Do I Know I Need Asphalt Sealcoating?

Many telltale signs say it’s time to contact an asphalt sealcoating company.

One of the first that property owners notice is discoloration. When a once-black pavement turns gray, oxidation can occur. It won’t be long until cracks form.

If you’re already there, you must get service as soon as possible. Cracks can widen the longer you neglect them. Water penetrating your surface can speed up deterioration and cause structural integrity issues.

Not sure if you need sealcoating just yet? Contact an asphalt sealcoating company like Straight and Narrow Striping. Our team is more than willing to inspect your pavement and determine if it’s time for a fresh coat of sealer.

How Often Should I Contact an Asphalt Sealcoating Company?

Most properties need Russellville Asphalt Sealcoating every two to three years. However, your service schedule can depend on many factors. It all depends on the condition of your asphalt.

Some properties could benefit from asphalt sealcoating in Conway every two years. You can even get it annually if you want to maintain the look of your pavement.

What Considerations Should I Make Before Getting Sealcoating in Little Rock?

It’s important to remember that Asphalt sealcoating in Conway isn’t a magic fix to major repair issues. Before an asphalt sealcoating company can apply sealer, you must invest in repairs to fix potholes and cracks.

Fortunately, asphalt sealcoating contractors like Straight and Narrow Striping can perform those repairs for you. We provide comprehensive service to keep your pavement in good shape for as long as possible.

Another thing to consider is how Russellville asphalt sealcoating could disrupt your business. The sealers used may need up to 48 hours of cure time. In the meantime, your pavement will be unusable. Make sure to have a plan to redirect traffic or provide parking options for customers.

You can also work with contractors to get asphalt sealcoating in Little Rock in stages. We can seal one part of your parking lot while leaving the other open to minimize disruptions.

Why is Straight and Narrow Striping the Asphalt Company for Me?

Straight and Narrow Striping is an experienced contractor ready to serve! We do asphalt sealcoating in Little Rock and the surrounding areas in Arkansas, including Russellville, Conway and Morrilton. We understand how important asphalt sealcoating is to the long-term upkeep of a reliable asphalt surface. That’s why we go above and beyond to deliver results you can proudly show off! We pride ourselves on offering top-quality customer service, transparent pricing and good communication from start to finish.

Let us be your go-to provider of Russellville asphalt sealcoating. We can also do crackfilling, asphalt repair, power washing, surface cleaning and parking lot striping.

Call Straight and Narrow Striping today to get your free quote. We’re available at (501)208-6399. You can also reach us by email at or use our online contact form to submit your information.

We look forward to hearing from you and discussing your next sealcoating project!