5 Parking Lot Striping Mistakes To Avoid At All Cost!

Parking lot striping mistakes are more common than you think! While it seems like a simple task, organizing and painting a paved surface involves many logistics. A high-quality paint job can make a big difference, enhancing your property’s curb appeal while making your lot safer and more functional.

Here’s a breakdown of common parking lot striping mistakes you must avoid.

Does Parking Lot Painting Require Any Prep Work?

One of the easiest mistakes you can make when completing a parking lot striping project is forgetting to prepare the pavement surface. Skilled contractors know that parking lot striping paint can’t bond to dirty or greasy surfaces.

Failing to clean and degrease the pavement can lead to premature cracking and peeling, forcing you to cover more parking lot striping costs sooner.

Take time to power wash and dry your pavement. Contractors should also use degreasing products to prepare spots with oil stains and other vehicle fluids.

Is Poor Paint Choice Among the Most Common Lot Striping Mistakes?

You have many options when investing in Little Rock lot striping. One of the most important decisions is what type of parking lot striping paint to use.

Work with your contractor to select one that fits your budget and needs. Standard water- or solvent-based paints are great for keeping total parking lot striping cost low. However, more durable options like thermoplastic or methyl methacrylate (MMA) paint can offer years of vibrancy.

Weigh your options to determine what’s right for your needs. In many cases, springing for higher-quality paints will lead to cost savings and less maintenance.

Should I Pay Attention to Layout and Design During Striping Painting Jobs?

Little Rock lot striping projects require precision. Whether you have a small or massive one, you should always design parking lots with safety and efficiency in mind.

The beauty of working with parking lot striping contractors is you have access to experts who understand good lot design. They can help you optimize your lot’s layout to improve traffic flow and create more space.

Don’t be afraid to tweak your layout to get better results. Contractors will take accurate measurements and map the layout before applying any paint. That’ll give you time to make adjustments or incorporate improvements that benefit your property.

Why is Failing to Include Accessibility Markings Among the Worst Parking Lot Mistakes?

Codes and regulations governing lot size, fire lane requirements and other paint-related details vary between municipalities. However, all parking lots need ADA compliance.

Accessibility markings must be part of your parking lot striping painting plans. Your lot should include marked handicap spots, van-accessible spots, marked pedestrian crossings and more. Failing to include ADA-compliant markings and details in your Little Rock lot striping plans could result in fines and lawsuits.

Should I Hire Professionals to Complete Parking Lot Striping Painting Projects?

Here’s an easy mistake to avoid: Never attempt a DIY approach. While some property owners think DIY painting will save on parking lot striping costs, that’s usually not the case!

Striping contractors have the tools and know-how to do things right. They use higher-quality parking lot striping paints, precise painting equipment and more. Contractors also understand local codes, ADA regulations and parking lot design.

Service from an experienced contractor will save you money in the long run while giving your lot the professional look it deserves.

With service from Straight and Narrow Striping, you can avoid these parking lot striping mistakes and more! We’re a seasoned parking lot striping contractor dedicated to delivering outstanding results. We use custom-fabricated equipment that allows us to work more efficiently while providing the precise paint application your lot needs to look its best.

At Straight and Narrow Striping, we pride ourselves on providing service you can trust. You can turn to us for parking lot striping, sealcoating, asphalt repairs, crack filling, power washing and surface cleaning.

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