How Does Parking Lot Striping Improve Traffic Flow?There’s nothing more attractive than freshly painted parking lot striping. It boosts your property’s curb appeal, dramatically improving aesthetics. But it can also make your parking lot safer and more efficient. Working with a parking lot striping company isn’t a luxury. It’s a necessity that keeps your lot operating like a well-oiled machine!

Will Little Rock Striping Improve Visibility?

Parking lot painting doesn’t last forever! It’s important to restripe parking lot lines every 18 to 24 months. Otherwise, those once-vibrant colors will become faded and difficult to see.

Poor visibility will create many headaches on your property. Drivers need to see parking spot barriers, traffic flow markings and other painted signage to navigate your lot safely. Otherwise, they may drive through one-way lanes or miss safety stops.

These seemingly minor problems can create severe traffic backups. Regular parking lot striping services are crucial to keeping everything visible.

Can Parking Lot Striping Impact Safety?

Striping in Little Rock will also significantly improve safety. As mentioned earlier, poorly visible lines will ruin your parking lot’s efficiency and turn it into a dangerous free-for-all!

Parking lot striping services cover more than just spot boundaries. Contractors can also paint fire lanes, pedestrian crossing zones, do-not-enter spaces and more. When those important safety markings aren’t visible, the risk of fender benders and major accidents increases.

Do you, your employees and your patrons a favor and make Little Rock striping a standard part of your maintenance routine.

How Can Striping in Little Rock Maximize Available Space?

Another way a parking lot striping company can help improve traffic flow is by increasing the available spaces. If your property receives significant traffic, you might notice that people spend considerable time circling the lot to find an open spot. Why not create more space?

Contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to increase the square footage of your parking lot to create more parking spots. A parking lot striping company can redesign your lot to develop a more space-efficient layout.

You can consider incorporating smaller motorcycle spots, compact car spaces and more. Switching from angled spaces to perpendicular spaces can also substantially increase the number of spots your lot contains! When you restripe parking lot pavement, consider asking your contractor about potential redesign services.

Can Parking Lot Striping Lower Liability Risks?

Poorly maintained parking lot painting is a liability nightmare. Low traffic efficiency paired with barely visible lines is a disaster waiting to happen. Lot striping keeps things orderly.

Without it, the risk of personal injury and property damage increases tenfold! As a property owner, you would be liable for accidents caused by a lack of visible striping in Little Rock. That means you could be at the end of a lawsuit that threatens your business!

Is Little Rock Striping Necessary for Code Compliance?

If better efficiency, safety and reduced liability risks aren’t enough to convince you to invest in parking lot striping services, code compliance will.

Codes and regulations vary from one municipality to the next. But in Arkansas, several safety details must be considered. For example, your parking lot needs dedicated fire lanes, ADA-compliant parking spaces, marked pedestrian lanes and more. If you don’t include those, you can be hit with hefty fees and penalties.

Those codes exist to maximize safety and improve traffic flow. It’s important to restripe parking lot space to include them and hire contractors to keep your paint visible.

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