How To Budget For Asphalt Repair & Maintenance

Whether you own a commercial property with huge parking lots or an industrial space with pavement used by heavy-duty vehicles, you must have a budget in place for asphalt repair & maintenance. Asphalt is a tough material, but it’s not immune to damage. Over time, exposure and regular wear take a toll, putting the strength, reliability and safety of your paving at risk.

Maintaining asphalt is an ongoing investment. However, having a solid budget for asphalt repair ensures you cover all your bases and give your pavement the attention it deserves.

Why Should I Budget for Asphalt Repairs?

While asphalt repairs in Little Rock are far more affordable and practical than full-blown reconstruction projects, they’re still a sizable investment. Having a budget ensures you’re never caught off guard, scrambling to pay for a blacktop patch or sealcoating.

The biggest mistake that property owners make is putting off repairs, and that usually occurs due to poor budgeting. Putting a simple bandage over damage can lead to worsening issues that are costlier to fix. When you budget for asphalt repair, you can handle problems as they arise, keeping your pavement in the best shape possible.

How Does the Current Condition of My Pavement Affect My Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Budget?

The first thing to do when developing a budget for Little Rock asphalt repairs is to understand the current state of your pavement. Examine the surface and look for obvious signs of deterioration, such as wide cracks, potholes that need an asphalt patch, alligator cracking, rutting, etc.

Generally, older pavement riddled with issues will require a larger budget for asphalt repairs in Little Rock. Not only will upfront blacktop patch and crack-filling projects be high, but paving in poor condition may also need more attention in ongoing maintenance.

What Little Rock Asphalt Repairs Require Immediate Attention?

Asphalt driveway repair and parking lot patches are often the first things you’ll do when starting a long-term care and maintenance plan. Always address major issues that require attention now. High-priority asphalt driveway repairs include cracking, potholes and drainage issues.

Cracks are easy to address with filling and sealing. Meanwhile, potholes typically require partial-depth asphalt patches.

Drainage issues are the most challenging to address, but fixing those problems as soon as possible is important. Poor drainage will create more headaches, quickly deteriorating your pavement over time. Fix drainage troubles promptly to give your paving the best chance of success over the long haul.

What Ongoing Asphalt Repair & Maintenance Tasks Should I Budget For?

Using an asphalt patch to fix minor issues is easy. However, it’s not the only way to take care of your pavement. The best way to avoid common asphalt driveway repair issues is to budget for ongoing maintenance tasks like sealcoating.

Sealcoating can prevent major Little Rock asphalt repair issues, safeguarding your pavement against the elements and wear. You should plan to do it every three to five years.

Most experts recommend investing in crack sealing every two to three years. Crack sealing differs from a standard blacktop patch, protecting voids from water penetration and expansion.

Once your asphalt deteriorates enough, you can consider milling and overlays. The timeline for these services varies, but many properties benefit from getting a new overlay every 10 to 12 years.

Why Should I Go Asphalt Repair Contractors for Assistance?

Asphalt repairs can be complex. While having a budget in place is good, don’t be afraid to contact an asphalt contractor for guidance. Contractors can visit your property, assess your pavement and help you develop a budget that meets your needs.

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