When you need asphalt repair, contractors can employ many different techniques to complete the job. But one of the most effective is a cut and patch. This method of performing asphalt repair in Little Rock is quick, straightforward and versatile enough to address many issues. That includes alligator cracks, deep voids, potholes and more.

Here’s what you need to know about cut and patch asphalt repairs.

How Does Cut and Patch Asphalt Repair Work?

Everything you need to know about this Little Rock asphalt repair technique is in the name! It involves cutting out damaged asphalt and patching it with new material. The result is a restored surface with all the durability you need for safe use and smooth driving.

Asphalt repair companies use this technique often because it’s a quick and cost-effective alternative to more extensive work. It’s also a long-lasting form of asphalt repair in Little Rock, providing a more permanent solution than temporary fixes.

What’s the Process Like for Cut and Patch Asphalt Repairs?

Projects begin with a thorough inspection and some light preparation work. Your asphalt repair company will clean the area and determine the extent of the damage. After marking and scoring a section that includes the damaged asphalt, teams will use heavy-duty equipment to cut it out.

This form of Little Rock asphalt repair is not something you should attempt to do yourself. Asphalt is a tough material, and asphalt repair companies have the equipment to cut through the pavement like butter!

After cutting, teams will remove the debris and clean out the hole. Then, they’ll repave the area using fresh asphalt material. Compaction helps to create a dense patch, and proper curing time ensures the asphalt patch is ready for use!

What Types of Asphalt Patches Can Asphalt Repair Companies Provide?

There are a few different types of patches your asphalt repair contractor can use, and what’s appropriate for your needs will depend on the severity of the damage.

Surface asphalt patches are the go-to when property owners need a quick fix. It works for cracked asphalt that’s not crumbling. As the name implies, it doesn’t require extensive excavation. Instead, asphalt repair companies focus on improving the surface layer.

Partial-depth patches involve removing several inches of the asphalt. However, teams won’t cut deep enough to reach the pavement’s foundation. It’s not the right course of action for extensive damage, but it can help fix shallow cracks and voids.

A full-depth asphalt patch may be necessary if you have serious damage like potholes. Your asphalt repair company will cut the asphalt and remove material down to the foundation. Then, they reconstruct the pavement and fill the hole with new material.

What are the Benefits of This Asphalt Repair Technique?

There are countless reasons to work with an asphalt repair company. Cut and patch repairs offer a quick, easy and cost-effective way to address concerns. This Little Rock asphalt repair technique allows you to make fixes when necessary without footing the bill for full reclamation or repaving projects.

It’s also a highly precise technique for asphalt repair in Little Rock. Teams work on the affected area only, leaving the rest of your lot open and usable. That means no significant downtime and minimal disruption to your business.

Finally, cut and patch repairs often get to the root of the issue. When done right by an experienced asphalt repair company, patches can fix the problem and prevent reoccurrence.

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